Security Testing

- False Positives Removal
- Business Logic Testing
- 100% WASC II Coverage
- On demand Testing

ZinnoX Reporting Tool

- Manage Bug Database
- Manage Projects
- Upload Knowledge Base With One Click
- Generate Report With One Click
- Easy Data Modification
- Sync Your Own Report Format
- Back Up Bugs
- Back Up Projects

Security Training

- Courses 120+
- Available Online and onsite
- User target bundles for Testers, Developer & Management
- Flexible packages and module options

Zinnox offers a range of solutions right from security offerings to patent solutions and e-learning services.
ZinnoX is proud to be associated with some of the leading names in their respective industry/verticals to bring to India the best services/offerings/solutions there is, for uncompromised and unparalleled user experience.

Application Security Testing

ZinnoX’s Information Security Service includes a Hybrid approach towards Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments. This Testing Methodology is applied on Web Applications, Mobile Applications and also Network. ZinnoX Testing Methodology incorporates the use of Automated Vulnerability Scanners and in-Depth Manual Pen Testing Techniques, to ensure coverage of Business Logic Flaws, and Guarantee Zero False Positive.

Patent App & Reports

Questel was established in the year 1978, and is currently present in more than 30 countries and having garnered the trust of more than 3,000 companies and exceeding 100,000 users! Questel’s solutions include comprehensive suites and innumerable offerings of web-based services and solutions that focus on collaborations and productivity provided from the perspectives of Intellectual Property. Learn More


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Frequently Asked Questions

Testing a web/mobile application for identifying loopholes/vulnerabilities through which a hacker can gain access to sensitive information.
ZinnoX-s hybrid approach to testing integrates the best of automated and manual efforts to ensure 100% coverage without compromise on quality
· On Demand 24/7/365
· Zero False Positives Guarantee
· 100% WASC II coverage
· Business Logic and Role Based Testing
· OWASP Top 10
· Concise and Comprehensive Reports with Screenshots
· Free Revalidation Test
Any additional information is welcome (time, credentials and others)