ZinnoX Red Teaming 

"Test Your Strength"

Zinnox's Red Team Engagements

Our Red Team Engagements are designed to simulate a real time attack against your Technology / People and Physical Assets and provide a safe way for SOC teams to test their ability to defend critical assets in Pro-Active as well as Reactive manner. 

  • Validate your response to attack
  • Identify the maximum possible damage
  • Uncover unknow vulnerabilities
  • Enhance Blue Team operations
  • Validate the Effectiveness of Cyber Security Investments
  • Measure the risk of Critical Assets

Our Red Team Exercise is designed to identify unknow weaknesses in your organization by performing an in-depth, multi-layered assessment of the defences.

Red Teaming Overview

See how your Blue team will detect a real time attack, emulated against your assets, using the exact approach and the adversial tools used by actual attackers. The level of exploitation is defined by you in our initial meetings and we will go as comprehensive and deep as you would like us to go. 

Objectives of our Red Team Exercises is to identify the security posture of an organization against following three type of assets:


Servers, Network Devices, Appliances, Web Applications, Databases, Portals, Password Vaults, AV Engines, etc.

Physical Assets

Offices, DataCenters, Warehouses, Buildings, Security Blocks, RFID Access Controls, WiFi, etc.


Leadership, Employees, Accountants, Vendors, Clients, Partners, Contractors, Data Suppliers, etc.

Red Teaming Engagements

Real World Attack Scenario

End to End, Real World Tactics and Techniques, Way Beyond the traditional Pentest Exercies.

Object & Results Driven Approach

Comprehensive written report, Detailed results, Showcasing the areas & levels of business risk.

Test Your Breach Response

Discover how prepared your organisation is to respond to a full scale cyber incident.

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