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How To Pick The Right Cloud Environment?

What Is Cloud Security?

Cloud security or cloud computing refers to a series of protective measures that an organisation takes to secure their cloud infrastructure, data and other critical information. Cloud security addresses all the various kinds of internal and external threats that a business can face. As more and more organisations gear up and transition to a digital workplace, it’s essential that every organisation take necessary precautions in protecting their data on the cloud. 

One of the common myths that many organisations believe is that cloud security is only recommended for large corporations. Well, that’s not true at all! Cloud security should be an essential part of every organisation’s security goals, despite the size and nature of the business. Every business should actively take steps to secure their cloud, meaning client information, employee details and other critical business data. If that’s not done, then there could be a severe case of compliance risks.

What Are The Different Types Of Cloud Environments?


Public Cloud – Public cloud is a shared platform that third-party providers offer to users on the internet. These may be free or paid services that are generally less expensive than private and hybrid cloud environments. The public cloud usually works on users’ usage, so they will only pay for the storage they consume.

Private Cloud – Private clouds are the computing infrastructure dedicated to one user, group or organisation. Unlike the public cloud, resources, such as a business, are only available for the users who are authorised to use them. This cloud environment is safer, highly scalable, meets compliance, and fully optimises resources.

Hybrid Cloud – A hybrid cloud is an IT infrastructure that utilises the best public and private cloud services. Most businesses use hybrid cloud services as it runs in a combination of cloud environments which helps a business achieve its security goals cost-efficient, scalable and reliable manner. 

Multicloud – As the name suggests, multi-cloud is when a company utilises more than one cloud of the same type, i.e. if an organisation uses two public clouds or two private clouds. Lately, multi-clouds are increasingly becoming more popular as they provide a lot of flexibility, increase developer productivity, and aim to reduce the dependency on any single cloud provider. 

How To Choose The Right Type of Cloud?

Well, this is a fundamental question to ask yourselves as an organisation. The answer depends on many factors at hand, such as volume, safety, cost, number of resources involved, and much more. If your organisation generally experiences high volume, then the public cloud might be the best option. However, if you are looking for a cloud that is the safest, then a private cloud can be the solution, as an organisation exclusively accesses them. In the third scenario, if you’re looking to increase your organisational flexibility by using the best public and private cloud systems, with the ability to switch from one another, then the hybrid cloud is the best suited. And finally, if you’re looking to explore different vendors and spread workloads among multiple service providers, then multi-cloud can be the tailored approach.


Posted on: November 8th 2022