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Bluebugging - What Does It Mean & How To Prevent It?

What Is Bluebugging?

Technology has become such an integral part of our lives that we never stop using it, even for a split second. One of the significant advancements the software industry has developed is Bluetooth. Be it for sharing images, videos, songs or even files, Bluetooth has become essential for every smartphone user. And that’s why hackers lately have developed a new technique that involves misusing a user’s Bluetooth connection, also known as Bluebugging.

As the name suggests, it’s a type of hacking where the cybercriminal gains unauthorised access through a user’s Bluetooth connection. This, in turn, can be misused to steal data such as contacts, monitor calls, and read messages. 

When a hacker gains access to a person’s mobile phone, he will have complete control of all the phone commands. However, there’s a small catch to this. The hacker has to be within a certain distance, such as 10 meters, for his blue bugging attack to work. Since technology has become so advanced nowadays, they have even started using antennas to extend their reach. 

How Does Bluebugging Take Place?

  1. Hacker searches for potential targets, i.e. users who have their Bluetooth discoverable.
  2. Hacker establishes a connection and installs malware using Brute Force Attacks.
  3. Once the device is blue-bugged, he will utilise it for criminal activities such as monitoring calls/texts, stealing confidential data, etc., without leaving any evidence.

How Can We Prevent Bluebugging?

Switch Off Your Bluetooth – As simple as it sounds, this is one of the easiest ways of preventing blue bugging. We usually leave our Bluetooth on so it’s easier for us to airdrop or share network access, but whenever you are in public spaces, always ensure that it’s turned off.

Keep An Eye Out for Suspicious Activity – Hackers are professionals who take their work seriously, so they hardly end up making mistakes. But this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to spot them. If your phone is suspiciously sending unusual texts or calls, spike in data usage, updating the device settings or even downloading applications without your knowledge, you might have been blue-bugged.


Update Your Devices Regularly – We can’t stress enough the importance of regularly updating your devices and applications. This is because mobile phone and app developers regularly fix security vulnerabilities and release them as software updates. So every user must monitor for new and latest updates to keep their devices secure.

Never Accept Unknown Pairing Requests – Sometimes, we receive a random pairing request where someone shares an image or a file as a joke. However, this joke can prove to be costly if it’s done with the wrong intentions. So even if you receive such requests in the future from an unknown device, don’t think twice! Just ignore or decline it so you don’t risk giving access to hackers and their malicious activities.

Posted on: November 3rd 2022