ZinnoX - Inception and Journey

ZinnoX is the result of 3 long years of constant discussions, dreams, ideas, brainstorming and deliberations. Zakeer and Harshavardhan, have forever been entrepreneurs at heart. But they only realized that halfway through their journey of self-realization in various companies and industries. Having experienced the corporate life in 2 large Multinational Corporations and then getting to work in 2 Start-Ups in varying industries to experience the entrepreneurial life, provided Zak and Harsh the much needed exposure, experience and drive that is necessary to ensure a thorough understanding of the enticing and fickle world of entrepreneurship.

ZinnoX - The Origin

Our story of entrepreneurship began in 2012! We were fresh out of our first job and attending back to back interviews every day, travelling vast distances across the Garden City on an old, broken down Scooty Pep. On the way to one such interviews, Zakeer and Harshavardhan, joked about someday taking interviews, instead of attending interviews. This joke led to a series of serious dialogues; discussions and dreams of venturing out on our own, and starting a company that solves challenges and makes the world a better and safer place to live in!


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