ZinnoX - The Origin

Our story of entrepreneurship began in 2012! We were fresh out of our first job and attending back to back interviews every day, travelling vast distances across the Garden City on an old, broken down Scooty Pep. On the way to one such interviews, Zakeer and Harshavardhan, joked about someday taking interviews, instead of attending interviews. This joke led to a series of serious dialogues; discussions and dreams of venturing out on our own, and starting a company that solves challenges and makes the world a better and safer place to live in!

Our passions were sparked, but reality hit us. We were young, without considerable experience, barely any savings, and clueless on what to work on. We relentlessly dreamt on and fervently discussed tons of ideas, only to discard each one! Eventually we both found jobs, and our entrepreneurial spirits took a backseat while we went on with regular 9-5 jobs.
We were exposed to the fascinating world of Start-Ups and entrepreneurship later that same year, when we began work in our third company, and were firsthand introduced to the highly interesting Cyber Security Industry, which until then we knew nothing of. This new highly impactful digital world fascinated and enticed us with its unpredictability, susceptibility and teased us to explore its hidden secrets! We knew we had found our calling in Cyber-Security and began honing our skills and quenching our appetite for knowledge on InfoSec and its workings. It is here, that we began working out business plans, strategies, approaches and blueprints, fueling our thirst for entrepreneurship.

However, our plans slowly began taking a backseat yet again, and the reasons this time were several more! We moved out and found ourselves thrown into yet another fascinating world, this time the world of Intellectual Property Rights. Working in a second Start-Up helped us keep our dreams of entrepreneurship alive, and we found ourselves encouraged and supported all the more. Manic discussions on ideas, business plans and company registration approaches became the norm, until finally in mid-2015, we were officially Entrepreneurs, having registered our first start-up, ZinnoX! But our journey had just begun! We now had new challenges, new concerns, new responsibilities! We wanted to take safe, baby steps. We decided that one of us will continue working to maintain a steady income, and the other will work full-fledged on ZinnoX. So once again we set out on interviews, incidentally, on the same Scooty Pep we travelled on 3 years ago. Again, it was on a ride back from one such interview, that Zakeer and Harshavardhan, decide to risk everything and take the plunge! We believed in ZinnoX! We believed in ourselves! We knew we can make it and we were prepared to face anything that comes our way!

This was a little over 3 years ago, yet it seems like it was just yesterday! Today, we are proud of our journey and are ecstatic about what lies ahead! 7 Partners, 12 Countries, 250+ Successful Scans, 40+ Loyal Customers, 90% Customer Retention Rate; All this being bootstrapped and highly Cash Positive! What’s more, we are soon to launch our product aimed at Security Professionals which has the potential to be a market disruptor! We won’t stop till we conquer the world! And make the Digital World Safe and Secure for every single netizen out there!
We are ZinnoX! And we’re here to make your digital experience pleasant and carefree!


No. 708, Silver Clouds Layout, Horamavu
Bangalore – 560043


Office : +91-(0)80-73769965