ZinnoX - Inception and Journey

ZinnoX is the result of 3 long years of constant discussions, dreams, ideas, brainstorming and deliberations. Zakeer and Harshavardhan, have forever been entrepreneurs at heart. But they only realized that halfway through their journey of self-realization in various companies and industries. Having experienced the corporate life in 2 large Multinational Corporations and then getting to work in 2 Start-Ups in varying industries to experience the entrepreneurial life, provided Zak and Harsh the much needed exposure, experience and drive that is necessary to ensure a thorough understanding of the enticing and fickle world of entrepreneurship.

Working in an InfoSec start-Up helped Zak and Harsh devise business plans, strategies, approaches and a viable business model based on the challenges that plague InfoSec consultancy companies and other security professionals. They took it upon themselves to make the vision and mission statement focused around helping secure the digital world. Hence ZinnoX’s sole mission became to address specific challenges faced in the field of Cyber Security, and by Security Professionals. ZinnoX began tailoring their services around InfoSec challenges and became an instant hit. ZinnoX intends to continue reinventing in Data Security (Cyber Security/InfoSec) and ensuring we stay ahead in the game by staying updated with the latest technology trends.

ZinnoX’s vision is that of a safe, secure and hassle-free digital world, free from malicious intent and entities. Our goal is to address every InfoSec challenge that is faced, and to keep bettering the workflow and process for increased efficiency and coverage. With our services, we have already achieved total comprehensiveness with our time-tested, standardized coverage which includes not just the prescribed benchmarks in Data Security, but also involves testing for advanced Business Logic exploits to bring premium quality, consultant grade testing to the masses. And with ZinnoX’s product Cypna, we believe we may even disrupt the market with our unique tailor-made solution that will help Security Professionals with seamless workflow management, project and team collaboration and complete report automation. What’s more, it is even compatible with every type of Security Testing projects including IoT Testing, a first in the market!

ZinnoX acknowledges that we still have a long way to go, but we are poised and prepared with a brilliant, hard-working and passionate team that is willing to not just push boundaries but create new benchmarks to lead the world on a digital safety revolution!


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