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Posted on: June 1st 2022

Cloud Security Penetration Testing - The Ultimate Guide To Understanding It

We covered what Pen Testing is, how it works, and its benefits in our previous blog. But, when it comes to cloud penetration testing, it requires a different level of expertise than traditional pen-testing. Cloud pen testing is typically an assessment to determine the weaknesses and strengths of a cloud system, including its vulnerabilities, risks and gaps that can be exploited. It is finding loopholes in the cloud configurations, passwords, applications, encryptions and databases. Each cloud service provider has a specific set of rules and regulations to follow while doing penetration testing. Like Amazon, you will need to give prior notice and take permission to perform a test. Also, there are specific tools or assessment modules from the cloud providers themselves to check for vulnerabilities. But what is the point of cloud pen testing? Is it required for all the organizations that operate on the cloud? What are the benefits and the challenges of pen testing? Let’s break all of them one by one and understand the concept of cloud penetration testing and why it is needed for organizations operating on a cloud system.

Types of Cloud Penetration Testing

Black Box Cloud Pen Testing – This type of testing where the pen testers have no prior knowledge of your organization’s cloud infrastructure and security system.


 Grey Box Pen Testing – In the grey box pen testing, the cloud pen testers have limited knowledge about the organization’s cloud security system and its users. 


 White Box Pen Testing – The white box pen testers have complete knowledge about the security system’s admins and will be given full access to the system.

Stages of Cloud Security Testing

Stage One: Evaluation – The first stage of cloud testing involves the cloud testers engaging in identification and discovery activities, such as the current security needs, risks and vulnerabilities. 


Stage Two: Exploitation – The second stage of cloud testing involves evaluating and combining all the information found in the first stage with its respective pen testing methods.


Stage Three: Remediation Verification – The third stage of cloud testing involves a follow-up assessment after the exploitation phase’s remediation and mitigation steps. This is to ensure whether they have been appropriately implemented. 

Most Common Types of Cloud Security Threats

There are so many threats coming up with most organizations working online, but there are a few types of security threats that are more common. They are :


Data Breaches


Vulnerabilities in software

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTS)

Supply Chain Compromises

Insider Threats

Weak Identities and Credentials

Weak Access Management

Insecure Interfaces and APIs

Inappropriate Use or Abuse of Cloud Services

Shared Services/Technology Concerns

Benefits of Cloud Security Testing

Cloud pen testing can help your organization improve your total cloud security by avoiding breaches and achieving compliance. By getting your cloud security system testing, you will also gain a comprehensive and detailed understanding of your assets, how vulnerable it is to attacks and whether the vulnerabilities exist in the first place. Cloud penetration testing will help your organization in –

Identifying vulnerabilities, gaps and threats

Damage or impact of the exploitable vulnerabilities

Improve the overall cloud security infrastructure 

Evaluating Incident response plans and procedures

Recommendations and a way forward for the security system

Cloud pen testing requires a different level of expertise and skillset, so working with a cybersecurity company that understands your needs is essential. ZinnoX is a leading cybersecurity company from India that performs cloud security testing and is well known for employing one of the best testers in the country, so what better way to do than with an award-winning company? Book your demo and see why ZinnoX is the right fit for all your security needs. 

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