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Posted on: May 18th 2022

5 Essential Things Every Pen Test Report Should Contain

Before we get into the specifics of what penetration reports contain, let’s define what a pen test report is, how important it is, and why it’s required. As a pen-testing organisation, we understand the frustrations of having several report formats and them becoming quickly confusing. As a result, in this blog, we’ll discuss what you should expect from a report from a customer’s standpoint. A penetration test report results from a security risk assessment performed by cybersecurity experts, and it includes a complete analysis of the pen test results. It emphasises and provides a comprehensive review of the vulnerabilities, flaws, threats, and solutions that have been employed to address them.

Executive Summary – Every report must include a summary of the complete pen test as it is necessary to comprehend and overview the results. This is mainly for the firm to assess and work on the actionable takeaways without reading the entire report. This summary does not include a lot of technical analysis so that it’s simple to read and understand. It also includes recommendations for future security enhancements and short, medium, and long-term objectives for the organisation to achieve.


Technical Assessment (Breakdown) – This is where the technical aspects of the pen test are demonstrated so that the IT team understands the path to follow to provide effective solutions. It is, however, organised in such a way that any reader can understand the nature of the risks. This part goes into further detail about the vulnerabilities and presents proof of all the vulnerabilities so that the security team can better comprehend them. After that, the vulnerabilities are divided into categories, severity levels, levels, and a CVSS Score (Common Vulnerability Scoring System)


Impact of the Vulnerabilities & Risk Levels – The third component of a pen test report examines the risks, vulnerabilities, and possible impact on a company’s operations. The risk level is structured so that each vulnerability identified is assigned a level to be mitigated according to its priority. To summarise, a small number of risks and levels can be highly significant and damaging; hence they should be categorised as a high priority compared to other low-level hazards.


Findings & Solutions – We spoke about identifying vulnerabilities, providing them with a technical assessment, and assigning them a risk level earlier. Still, a pen test report should also provide a remedy for each vulnerability. This section is crucial because it gives your IT staff a realistic and thorough overview of possible solutions. Given the available resources, they’ll employ these to tackle the problem as swiftly and effectively as possible.


Recommendations – The report’s final section contains recommendations and a roadmap for your company’s future. With threats constantly evolving and attackers devising new ways to exploit the system, it is critical to examine these recommendations, as they will be beneficial in the long run. This component of the report will emphasise the areas that require attention, offer security advice for the future, and provide comments on the methodology used. Quality pentest results typically give several solutions to the IT team, rather than simply a single straightforward approach to manage the risk.

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