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Posted on: May 2nd 2022

Penetration Testing: All Need To Know

 What is Penetration Testing?

No need to worry! We won’t bore you with technical terms and confuse you even more. So let’s dig right into it. Pen testing, also known as white-hat hacking, refers to the process of penetrating one’s security system and testing the application’s strengths and errors. Well, imagine you have built a new house, and you want to secure or protect it against theft and robberies. Naturally, you will have to set up security alarms and upgrade your door locks and windows. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the house is secure. There’s always a what if? So here’s when pen-testing steps in. It means after you set up your new home, you will need to think like a robber. That involves checking and assessing all the possible entry points in the house to find some vulnerabilities, such as a broken latch or unlocked door. Then you will need to, of course, fix the vulnerability ( get a new latch or repair the existing one) so it becomes difficult for the robber to break in. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, that’s precisely how pen testing works for systems worldwide.

 When & Why Should You Get Pen Testing?

If you have a company, chances are you need to perform pen-testing now and then, preferably once a year. Penetration Testing assists you by showing the real-world attackers who can exploit and benefit from your system’s vulnerabilities. That means, if exploited, the hackers will be able to access your essential IT, human or even physical assets. Apart from this, there are many reasons to get pen testing for your company. It helps you prioritise the vulnerabilities and segment them into high, medium and low risks. It also allows you to identify and understand the problems you weren’t aware of earlier and protect the most critical data. Overall, this will strengthen your security system by fixing vulnerabilities and aligning the company with industry security standards.

 It’s Worth Every Single Penny!

Pen testing can prove to be costly and varies from business to business, but think of it as a long-term investment for your company. Would you rather lose data and incur additional expenses during a data breach or secure and take proactive measures to protect your company? The answer is pretty simple. Even the cost depends on various factors such as the size, complexity, scope and whether external or internal testing is needed. 


All this information might confuse you, and getting in touch with the right company can also get tricky. This is where Zinnox steps in!  We are an award-winning cybersecurity company based in Bangalore, India, that performs vulnerability assessment, cloud security and penetration testing for companies worldwide, such as Bosch, Campofrio Food Group, Barcelo Hotel Group & Riu Hotels Resorts. Consult with us and get an informative demo to understand how our pen testing can benefit your company.


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