Patent Intellegence Reports


ZinnoX Patent Intelligence Reports (ZinnoX PiR)

Research and Development in today’s world is constantly evolving with the most cutting edge technology and research being carried out across industries and verticals. A company’s Intellectual Property Rights Portfolio has become a measure of the company’s Assets and Net Worth. To remain ahead in the race, one has to constantly reinvent their Intellectual Asset Strategy and strengthen their R&D. ZinnoX PiR – Patent Intelligence Reports, are customized and specialized insightful reports on leading technology trends and market behavior. These research and Patent-Focused compilations are created with the sole intention of helping companies, irrespective of their team or portfolio size, to make hard-hitting IP-related Business decisions.

ZinnoX PiR are Exhaustive, Comprehensive Reports that are focused on various Key Aspects of Patented Technologies. These Reports are created after Meticulous Research and Analysis of Patent Information available, and segregated based on Specific Criteria, to Result in Key Insights which can be used as Invaluable Information for Effective Decision-Making. The Information that is made available in these Patent Intelligence Reports, is extremely beneficial for Research and Development teams to understand the market behavior and Technology trends, to help streamline and focus their R&D strategy. This in turn, will nurture Innovation, helping to increase number of Patents filed, and strengthen IP Assets

Advantages of ZinnoX PIR:

  • Stay Ahead of the Competition with Intellectual Property Portfolio Insights
  • Plan your Business Strategies and Streamline Research and Development
  • Revamp your IPR Portfolio, Strengthen Product Innovation
  • Increase the number of Patents Filed
  • Reduce Business Risks and Legal Risks with Patent Litigation and Infringement Information
  • Legal Information including Timelines and Current Status to comprehend IP Strategy
  • Licensing information and company information for devising Commercialization Policy

  • Key Highlights


    Information Gathered is focused on Specific Vertical/Industry

    Key Information

    Top Players in Industry, Number of Patents Filed, & more

    Technology Trends

    Key Technology Areas for Maximum Patent Filings & Trend Analysis


    Trend Forecast, Licensing Potential, Key Areas of Research to Focus on


    On-Demand Reports with Customized Information

    Self Assessment

    Insights on Portfolio Strengths and Weaknesses, Market Positioning